Counterbalanced Forklift Components

A typical counterbalanced forklift contains the following components:


Image of an electric Forklift with componen descriptions

  •   Truck Frame – is the base of the machine to which the mast, axles, wheels, counterweight, overhead guard and power source attached. The frame may have fuel and hydraulic fluid tanks contructed as part of the frame assembly.


  •     Counterweight –  is a mass attached to the rear of the Forklift truck frame. The purpose of the counterweight is to counterbalance the load being lifted. In an electric Forklift the large lead-acid battery it self may serve as part of counterweight.


  •     Cab – is the area that contains a seat for the operator along with the control pedals, steering, wheel, levers, swithes and a dashboard containing operator read outs. the cab area may be open air or enclosed but it is covered by

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